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Do you, or anyone in your household; suffer from dirty upholstery pollution? You might think that you are just tired, run-down, or coming down with the latest “bug”, when in reality, you might be feeling the affects of exposure to the millions of microorganisms living in your couch cushions! Boise Carpet Cleaning offers fast and affordable relief by dispatching our highly trained furniture upholstery technicians to your home, or place of business.Boise Carpet Cleaning

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Most people call for upholstery cleaning when they can see stains on their upholstery, or when odors begin to appear. Many times, furniture can be soiled with no staining, or no accompanying smells, whatsoever. For best results, have your upholstered furniture cleaned once a year, or more, depending on usage, and other factors.

Boise Carpet Cleaning technicians can professionally clean:

  • Couch and sofa cushions
  • Bed mattresses and body pillows
  • Pet beds
  • Restaurant seating
  • Office chairs and sofas
  • Footstools and bar stools
  • Futon mattresses
  • Throw pillows and chaise lounges
  • Car seating and interiors
  • Patio furniture and lawn chair cushions
  • Home theater seating

Our cleaning methods reach deep down, and remove offending pollutants like dust mites, urine, coffee, pet dander, grease, cooking vapors, alcohol, blood, house hold dust, human dander, drywall dust, food particles, ink, household chemicals, mold spores and many more items that we should not have daily contact with.

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Q: Won't regular vacuuming remove all this pollution from my furniture?

A: No, while regular vacuuming is good for your upholstery, and highly recommended by Carpet Cleaners in Boise, it doesn't begin to clean as completely as our methods can. Residential vacuum cleaners are simply not equipped with the needed suction power, or tools and attachments.

Q: How often should I have Boise Carpet Cleaning come to my house, and clean my upholstery?  Every household is different, however the rule of thumb is once a year. You may want less frequent cleanings (if you are gone on vacation), or more frequent cleanings (if you are entertaining, or have extra guests over).

For more information, be sure to call our telephone number. We look forward to making your home or work place furniture clean and showroom fresh again!

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arpet Cleaning Boise
Boise Carpet Cleaning

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