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As you know, rugs come in all sizes, shapes and materials. Some are simple bath mats that can be thrown into your washing machine. Others  are larger, and more durable. Many of these can be hung on a Boise Carpet Cleaning clothesline in the back yard, beaten with a broom, and then put back and vacuumed. Still others require dry cleaning and specialized care. Boise Carpet Cleaners can get your rugs, area rugs, oriental rugs and tapestries clean and fresh looking and smelling, with our specialized treatments and careful handling. Our rug cleaning services are gentle, highly individualized, and yet affordable. Stains, ground in dirt, odors, and other agents can all be safely and professionally removed by our talented staff.

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Q: For most of my household rugs, I just clean them myself, but I do have an expensive oriental rug that I plan on handing down to my children. How does Carpet Cleaning in Boise clean pieces like this?

A: Our cleaning process differs with each piece. As you know, all rugs are of different materials and quality. For your fine rug, we will carefully test-clean a tiny piece, to ensure maximum rug safety. Then we will commence with a specialized cleaning regimen that would include a combination of hand washing, very gentle detergents, and state-of-the art cleaning tools and methods.

Q: The last guys who cleaned my carpets were college students. Are your rug cleaners really qualified to handle fine Oriental rug cleaning?

A: Yes – Boise Carpet Cleaning dispatches only highly skilled and fully trained cleaning technicians to clean your carpets and rugs. For fine rugs, such as yours, we employ specialized area rug professionals who have extensive training and experience in this field.

The next step is yours to take – Boise Carpet Cleaning invites you to call us for free estimates, and for more information about our rug cleaning services.

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